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Pixiv APK is the best app for finding and viewing artwork: illustrations, manga, or visual novels. This app currently has more than 40 million users worldwide and is currently the largest Japanese art image community today.

Introduce about Pixiv

The elite community of Japanese hand-painted art!

Hand-drawn manga style is a part of Japanese culture. Generations of fans have grown up with these unique, emotional paintings. From games, and drawings to manga, anime all come from these artistic hand-drawn paintings.

What is Pixiv?

Those who love Japanese culture and have a special love for this country’s legendary hand-painted art will surely know pixiv. Pixiv goes beyond a mere app. It has become an online social community that gathers many creative artists and beautiful paintings with all different themes, styles, and personalities.

Works from them can be picture books, manga, or graphic novels. When posting to the pixiv community, everyone can come in to admire, comment, evaluate or discuss together to help each other improve.

As for normal users, having no intention of following this artistic path, pixiv can be compared to a huge collection of paintings. It’s a place where you can observe, and enjoy all the best Japanese painting masterpieces, updated and from a variety of styles.

With pixiv, all beauty cannot be forgotten

It’s not just there are so many beautiful, vibrant, artistic hand-drawn visuals out there that are being missed every day. If you are an art lover, love beautiful images, and surely always want to admire as many masterpieces of beautiful hand-drawn images, as many as possible.

Whether it’s for inspiration, learning from experience in color mixing, delving into a complex drawing technique, finding all the beautiful hand-drawn machine drawings, and gathering them all in one place will help you have the opportunity to enjoy all the quintessence of this subject.

What can you do in pixiv?

If you register an account on pixiv, you can upload your own work, and read comments and reviews from other users. It is also possible to view, comment on and discuss any other person’s drawings in the pixiv community.

And since pixiv is home to almost all of the best hand-drawn images, with just one simple operation, you can search for all the drawings you want to see by many criteria: subject, genre, style, author, posting date, tag…

In pixiv there are also rankings of the best works every day, every week, every month, and year. Just by clicking here, you can see all the best, most popular masterpieces updated every day. This helps to understand which trend is on that time.

When you find any picture you like, you can download it and save it to your computer, or share it on other social networks, to come back and take a closer look at that admirable work.

Pixiv has a Favorites feature, which helps you bookmark images to your liking and include them in your site’s favorite image gallery. In this Favorites section, you can also actively organize images by tag, topic, or any criteria at your own discretion. There is no limit to the number of images marked in this section. Its display is also simple, easy to see, and can customize the list according to your own preferences, so it is generally very convenient for tracking and observing your favorite paintings.

Download Pixiv APK for Android

Pixiv is a place where you can freely do everything with your passion. Whether you are an expert or a novice, you will have access to the art that is part of Japanese culture. As long as there is love, nothing is impossible.

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