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Punball APK, a strategy game with simple gameplay, has arrived at APKMODY. The game is developed by Habby and is a reasonable choice to kill time in your spare time.

Introduce about PunBall

Referring to Habby, it is impossible not to mention Archero, the game that marks their success when it has more than 50 million installs on Google Play. Following that success is PunBall, the game has reached 1 million downloads after only a short time of launch. With a new story, new gameplay, it has attracted a large number of players.

The game context is the land of Barren, where Zeus created all things. Over a long period of time, Zeus became lazy and let the dark legion invade the land. A female mage has stood up alone and against the forces of darkness.


The game possesses extremely simple gameplay. In PunBall, you can play the role of a sorceress who is on a mission to protect the land of Barren. The gameplay is similar to Archero, you just need to swipe the screen and release to launch magic balls to attack enemies. Start with 2 balls, each dealing damage corresponding to the character’s attack stats. Each monster has a certain amount of health, until their HP bar drops to 0 then they will be destroyed, otherwise if you run out of life bar first, you lose.

Try to hit the ball that increases the number of balls to deal more damage in one shot. Besides, when you hit the skill box, you can choose 1 of 3 random skills that the system gives. Tasks are divided by floors and each floor is divided by level. There are floors with only 40 levels, but there are floors that contain up to 60 levels. Levels all increase with each shot instead of killing all monsters. If you survive and pass all the levels, the system will move you to the next floor.


Monsters get stronger with each floor, health also increases a lot. That’s why you need to equip yourself with weapons, armor… to fight the dark side. Equipment is distinguished by rarity such as normal, good, epic… When you own the same equipment, you can combine an item with a higher rarity. Equipment can be dropped from monsters or open chests to receive. Another way is that you participate in events to receive epic items or more. In addition, do not forget to strengthen the equipment because it is very important. When enhanced, the base stat of the equipment you are using will increase significantly, making it easier for you to defeat the enemy.


Talent has 2 columns, on the left is an increase in basic stats. The necessary materials are gold, when upgrading them you can increase basic stats such as health, attack, healing ability, reduce damage received… And the right column is special talents such as: increase gold income after each battle, increase the stats of equipment, increase damage when shooting bosses… However, you can’t use gold to upgrade, you can only use TalentStone that randomly drops or opens a chest.

Monsters are very diverse

You will have to face many challenges. Enemies have tankers, you can only deal damage when the ball hits the enemy’s back. Or monsters that have the ability to heal allies, split in two when destroyed… The number of up to more than 200 different types of monsters and bosses. In particular, after each level, there is a high possibility of monsters appearing to fill the gap so that you do not shoot behind the enemy, this is what causes the most difficulty for players.


To earn items with high rarity, you just need to participate in events. The publisher is also very interested in players, so on special occasions such as Christmas, Easter … there are events for players to earn items. Moreover, the coins to open the chest are also very easy to earn and every 10 times opening gives you an epic item. However, this is not reasonable because it consumes too much energy. To participate in the normal mode costs 10 energy each time and the event up to 20 energy each time. Meanwhile, you only have a maximum of 30 mana.

To install this game with simple but attractive gameplay, you just need to follow the instructions of APKMODY. Join Punball today, become the legendary magician who single-handedly defended the land of Barren.

Happy Halloween!
-New Pet grade: Eternal
-New Pet grade-down feature
-New Artifact: Artemis' Arrow
-New Trove: Artemis' Arrow Trove
-New Ruins Map: Artemis' Ruins
-PunPass Season 10: Halloween Party
-Stay tuned to our official announcements for more event news
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