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When the COVID-19 epidemic comes, everyone has to quarantine at home. It was really boring, and I want to do something for fun. So I searched for an app to make a little cute short video. After searching, then I find SnackVideo APK. And just like the name, this app is as “delicious” as a snack bag.

Introduce about SnackVideo

A big video party just for you!

The need for sharing videos is now more than ever

Never before has one felt “alone” so clearly as this time. Everyone stays at home, society returns to the most basic needs. Then all fun, community games become a luxury. Some people have come up with some activities to help them relax during this time of quarantine such as travel indoors, cook 6-7 meals a day, make videos of dress-up and make-up.

And for this series of videos to become more beautiful and faster, we will need the support of a dedicated video editing app and at the same time a video social network. SnackVideo is all you need for this.

SnackVideo is a convenient application for creating videos

SnackVideo is an application for creating and sharing short, quick, interesting, and lovely videos, like a mini TikTok. In addition to making fun videos, we can also browse a series of videos of friends around the world, by topic and timeline.

First of all, SnackVideo is a short video creation application like Tiktok or Instagram. You just need to use the camera on your phone to record. Then edit the video with a variety of built-in eye-catching color filters and effects on the app. Video editing in SnackVideo I find very convenient and less complicated than on TikTok. After editing, satisfied, then share your video on the SnackVideo community. Collecting a lot of hearts, reading a lot of comments is an extremely fun process, especially during this quarantine time.

SnackVideo is also a worldwide video social network

SnackVideo is also a video-specific social networking platform for Android. So you will be able to surf and watch a lot of videos from users everywhere. There are 3 main topics to choose from, including videos nearby, follows, and trends. With these 3 major categories, you can watch all kinds of videos from all kinds of affiliate groups on the SnackVideo social network. They are videos about rural life, pets, humor, daily life, cosplay, natural scenery, cooking, makeup, travel, and current hot trends.

In addition to making it easier to find videos that are suitable for users, SnackVideo also has a feature that supports displaying random videos selected according to the types of videos you often watch before or based on your personal preferences during the use process. This is a feature I also find quite strong, even subtler than Tiktok. It makes me feel much closer, more private and personal.

While browsing videos from all over the world, you can download and save them to your device for slow viewing. Or you can drop your heart, leave a comment on any video you like. You can also click follow other accounts to see the latest video updates from them. The way to use this section is similar to Instagram, very easy and convenient.

There are so many video social networks, why should you still use SnackVideo?

if something is good and quality, even it’s new or not, it still deserves attention. SnackVideo is one such case. With a minimalist interface design, easy to understand, along with the easy-to-use short video recording, creating, and editing features, anyone can quickly access it. SnackVideo, in my opinion, is a mature video community, less childish than TikTok. And SnackVideo also more focuses on the user’s personal preferences than other apps, this is the most convincing reason that brought me to SnackVideo.

Download SnackVideo APK for Android

In short, SnackVideo is an app to create and share short videos, with the following features:

  • Create video sharing, with many filters and effects available.
  • Watch videos from other users by topic, interest, update every second, interact quickly via heart, comment and follow like TikTok.
  • You can download any video you like to your phone.
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